Coffee for events

We offer a coffee bar for private and corporate events. Considering your wishes and number of participants, we can provide three types of coffee bars:

Brew bar

Brew bar is suitable for small company of guests, if you would like to have something more than simply enjoy coffee – we can provide you an opprtunity to taste coffee from different origins made with different methods (French press, filter etc.), as well as to get to know more about this amazingly aromatic and tasty beverage.

Espresso bar

Espresso bar would be suitable if you would like to offer your guests aromatic and tasty espresso-based beverages (espresso, cappuccino, latte) made from high quality fresh roasted coffee beans using a traditional espresso machine.

Coffee Queen bar

Coffee Queen bar would be suitable if you are planning an event with large number of guests. For these events we would like to offer a coffee made in a specific filter machine that ensures tasty coffee drinks in appropriate amount.
It is possible to combine the above offers. In addition, we can also organise coffee master-classes to your employees during your company meeting, trainings of employees etc. or as separate events or to group of friends with up to 30 people at “Andrito Coffee Roastery”. To get to know more on opportunities and costs, please, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form or write to