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About us

Par mums iekslapai

The every coffee that we bring from the coffee farms worldwide to Latvia is truly unique and special. We know where the coffee has grown and how it has been processed; it is our way of caring about the high quality of our coffee.

Only roasting brings out so well-known aroma and flavour of coffee beans. It is truly magical and also so thrilling to discover and bring out what is hidden inside each and particular coffee.

It is genuine pleasure for us to discover the new experience each time and deliver it to you.

About Andris

I am Andris – the founder and head of “Andrito Coffee Roastery”. In childhood, when I was going from Ogre to Rīga to attend the music school, where I was studying choral conducting, I could not even imagine that one day I will open bags of coffee coming from Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala, that I will see, how coffee changes during roasting, feel the surprising coffee aroma, enjoy the trip in the coffee world and be able to offer it all to you.

I got to coffee roasting slowly but with certain confidence. Until then, several years my work was related to preparation of coffee and teaching how to prepare coffee. This period provided me not only knowledge and experience but also awareness that it is only a small part of the great coffee world and roasting is the next step to take to discover more and more nuances of coffee.

Currently coffee is my passion and my work that gives me pleasure and satisfaction. I know that adventures and surprises are ahead of me and I am ready to share them with you!