Coffee master-class

12.30 Eur

During this coffee master-class Andris Petkēvičs will share his knowledge about coffee growing, processing, roasting and preparation, so that you understand the influence of each of the process on the coffee drink. This knowledge will help you to choose the best quality coffee beans. We will demonstrate several methods of preparation and during this time you will have the opportunity to taste and compare coffee from different producing countries.
At the end of the master-class you will see the coffee roasting process and get 250g freshly roasted coffee.
Coffee master-class duration: 2.5-3 hours.

Paying for coffee master-class, a place is booked for you at the selected date. If you would like to keep possibility to postpone your reservation to the next closest master-class with vacant seats, you have to tick it in the required field, when placing an order. Be aware that postponing is possible only if you warn us at least 3 working days before the date for which you have booked participation of master-class.