COCHELE coffee cherry lemonade

A coffee tree in nature and plantations gives sweet and juicy coffee cherries every year. Seeds of these cherries are coffee beans, that are being roasted and from which coffee is produced.

COCHELE is a lemonade made from dried coffee cherries. It is natural, lightly carbonated and delicious. One bottle contains approximately 70mg caffeine – natural dose of energy, that boosts, revives and will not leave unsatisfied. COCHELE is made from dried coffee cherries, that are breeded in Nicaragua and brewed in Latvia – in Valmiermuiža Brewery belonging Kokmuiža Brewery.

In lemonade you will find some already familiar tastes such as malt, dried apples and plums, but in new and surprising combination.

Coffee cherry lemonade COCHELE is needless substance free and with low sugar level.

Order here and enjoy chilled!