Adventure of Coffee

Everyday our roastery is visited by people who are interested in coffee, its roasting, preparation and other matters related to this aromatic and surprising beverage. In the past few years, our coffee master-classes and seminars were attended by more than 600 people. We have “confused” a lot of them and turned their previous coffee experience upside-down.

People who have visited us are mainly surprised, how different coffee can be. It is our approach – we are looking for an adventure in coffee. And we would like to give you the adventure as well. We do not expect that all coffees we offer would win your heart, however, we would like to show you that coffee can taste like black currants, rhubarbs, black tea with lemon, strawberries and smell like jasmine or flowers of tangerine trees. We would like to offer you a “trip” through countries where coffee is grown and enjoy how the different climatic conditions influence the taste of coffee, as the knowledge of coffee allows to appreciate and choose your favourite coffee. This is the place where we will share our knowledge, experience, surprises and adventures.

See you soon!